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Louie Joyce is an Australian illustrator and comics creator.

After spending his childhood dreaming of becoming an astronaut, superhero, futuristic bikie punk, enchanted mermaid or something cool like that, Louie realised he'd been dreaming a little too long and most that stuff was impossible anyway. Luckily he can draw pretty well so he's able to experience all those things and more by putting pencil to paper. He CAN be an enchanted mermaid, y’know, if he wants to.

Louie's work focuses strongly on narratives and experimenting with different techniques of graphic storytelling. His comics include The Many Harold Holts of Space & Time, Little Red, Past the Last Mountain and self published books MISHMASH & HODGEPODGE. His illustration work has been exhibited internationally and his short comic The Corner Store was nominated for a 2014 Ledger Award and won the Ace Comics & Games 2013 Best Short Australian Comic prize.

Louie has worked for a wide range of clients creating illustrations for storyboards, animation, publishing and concept development. If you are interested in working with Louie you can get in touch with him at: louiejoyce.art(at)gmail.com
Louie is represented by the Drawing Book Studios.

Hellboy 20th Anniversary Art Show - Group Exhibition 2014 - Hero Complex Gallery, Los Angeles
Common Sense - Group Exhibition 2014 - Central Park, Sydney
The Art of Storytelling - Group Exhibition 2014 - Comber St Gallery, Sydney
Fresh Meat - Group Exhibition 2013 - Eklectic from Birth Gallery, Sydney
Eleven - Group Exhibition 2012 - Global Gallery, Sydney
Dog's Dinner Cat's Meow - Group Exhibition 2011 - TAP Gallery, Sydney
Inking - Solo Exhibition 2010 - Monstrosity Gallery, Sydney
SmARTarts - Group Exhibition 2010 – Pine St Gallery, Sydney
Book About Death - Group Exhibition 2010 – MUBE, Brazil
Festival Mata Air - Group Exhibition 2009 – Senjoyo, Indonesia
Perfurbance - Performance Art 2008 – Mt Merapi Indonesia 
Palimpsests - Solo Exhibition 2006 - Newtown RSL